Look way up high, up in the sky
A glimpse at its eye and you’ll never die
The Phoenix is here, the thunder is near
The fire is clear the Phoenix I fear

Take my hand, we’ll go in a land
Where we can do whatever we can
Ride upon dreams, the Phoenix screams
As well as it seems, it’s not quite a dream

Yes I’m back, prepared to attack
My world is black and that is a fact
Every full moon, he’s back so soon
His scream is loud, deadly but proud

The Phoenix is here
The power is clear

Flaming bird, king of the air
As he glides his flight is a tear
Flaming feathers turn into ash
Aim for the kill and wait for the crash

Like the feather that sells peace,
In flames it beholds the power that reveals itself within us all
In our soul…

The sight you will see the Phoenix is thee
By night he is creature, by day he is me
So begins the race, cut to the chase
Skip to the point as I fly into space

The Phoenix is here
The power is clear

I’m at the stage to let out my rage
I’m turning the page, freeing it from its cage
The Phoenix is here, the thunder is near
The fire is clear the Phoenix I fear

The Phoenix is here
The power is clear

Trippin’ Out

Fly away on my seven clouds
These words I say are so calmly loud
Throwing time away from me
Trippy times I shall let you see

No solution, bad illusion
I’m trippin’ out, no way out
No solution, bad illusion
I’m trippin’ out
No way out!

Sugar flow running through my veins
Dizziness rushing to my brain
Tingling feeling inside me now
Come close and I’ll show you how


Pink rainbow, I’m going mad
Crushing dreams that I one day had
Slowly walking against the flow
Flying high but now feeling low

I must say, it’s a gloomy day
Fall asleep everywhere I lay
I reminisce as time goes by
I feel to leave, I feel to fly


High Endurance

When you know you are below down
You feel so much pain you can’t make a sound
Your blood pressure rises, you feel the sweat
Your heart pumps adrenaline through your veins

High endurance

In a state of constant pain
High endurance is the game
Reach out for what you desire
Fire burns but love is higher

High endurance

I’m so high
I can’t touch the ground…

I am running through the night
Moon’s full it’s my time to strike
Endure the pain of being a man
Releasing the beast within when I can

When you know you are below down
You feel so much pain you can’t make a sound
Your blood pressure rises, you feel the sweat
Your heart pumps adrenaline through your veins

High endurance

Live by the Guitar, Die by the Guitar

Hot girls, nice cars
Hot sun and cheap guitars
Soundcheck, rock n’ roll
Hit the lights, get on with the show

Slick licks, cool tricks
Tank top, bikini hot chicks
I got no time to fuck around
‘Cause I’m playing a gig downtown

‘Cause I live by the guitar, n die by the guitar, baby
Live by the guitar, and I’ll die by the guitar, baby

Nice cribs, cheap wine
Pretty mama that’s mine all mine
I can’t stay, I gotta go
I guess I’ll see you’s all in front row


Backstage, party time
Got some autographs to go sign
Relax, chill n’ get high
Show starts in an hour, let’s fly


Mother Nature

I got my wife beater and my leather coat
Can’t get stoned, I got no more dope
I’m hungover and I’m working hard
Took all my cash just to buy, just to buy a guitar

I gotta get my ass into gear
Can’t get drunk, I got no more beer
I’m outta cash I can’t go to the bar
I sold my good pair of shoes to put gas in my car

Cause I’m a tattooed rebel with a rock n’ roll heart
Dirty rockstar, playin’ the part
Tattooed rebel livin’ day by day
I’m a drifter lettin’ Mother Nature show me the way

I got my wife beater and my leather coat
Let’s go get stoned I got plenty of dope
I’m hungover and im rockin’ hard
After the sold out show we’re gonna be headed straight to the bar


Mother Nature show me the way
Take me to a better day
Mother Nature take me higher
Under your wing I will fly

Take my soul and take my pride
But hide me from this state of mind
My dreams become reality
But the demons still come for me

And even though I’ve always been a good boy
It all goes away when I’m high

Devil Affair

All I feel inside is just vengeance and anger
Eating up my soul like some kind of evil power
I just wanna let it out, stand up and shout
Screaming all the silence ‘till my lungs run out
‘till my guts burst out like the eruption inside
Have pity and understand all the souls who’ve cried
Fucking ripping me up like a thousand knives
Like a dark evil spirit slowly tearing our lives apart
‘till he goes psycho, pulling out his hair
We’ve all sold our soul in this devil affair

Death surrounds me
It’s all around me (It’s out there stalking me)
Regretful agony
There is no mercy

No turning back on this devil affair
I don’t wanna turn around, look back at all the despair
Motionless mind, stabs me from behind
Killing everyone and every soul it can find
A grain of sand in the palm of my hand
Represents the suffering and pain I can stand
Can’t you see my friend that your nightmare is my truth?
Can’t you feel again that your blood is my youth?
It rings out in your head like the sound of a bell
Satan is emerging with his army from hell


Hell cannot compare to this shit that I’m feeling
I’d prefer to cut myself and watch how it’s bleeding
It’s an agony inside that I just can’t explain
Oh why did you gods decide to give me such pain?
Is it ‘cause I can take it and that you don’t care
‘cause life was, is and always will be unfair
Someday love and peace will rule the world
But for now our lives hang by the tip of a hair
I just wanna take back control of myself
I only wanna save my own spiritual health
To get rid of the demons inside of my head
Kill the beast and turn into a man instead
Death is out there stalking me all night and day
There isn’t gonna be mercy for my next prey


I come from Hell

Can you hear the thunder?
Can you smell the rain?
Is it near you wonder?
Can you feel the pain?

My heart is pumping
My blood is rushing
The end is coming

I come from hell
And I’m coming to haunt you
(I come from hell)
Witness what I shall do
(I come from hell)
And I’m aiming to kill, yeah!
My next victim is you

Can you see the fire?
Can you feel the heat?
I am from down under
Suffer to the beat


Fear, pain
Death is all around you
Fire, skulls
Rulers of down under
No one lives to tell their journey through hell


Can you touch the anger?
Can you taste the blood?
I’m dragging you down under
From hell is where I come


Exile from the Shadows

Sail on, get away
Mind gone it’s time to play
Fade on the one you see
Peace found so rightfully

Moving on, sound asleep
Dreams go on inside of me
Everything just drifts away
Feeling what I cannot say

Come back (sail on)
Come back (peace found)
Love will always be

I’m on an exile from the shadows
Night’s child, black widow
Exile from the shadows
Light found, I’m waking up now

Moving on, sound asleep
Dreams go on inside of me
Everything just drifts away
Feeling what I cannot say

Come back (dream on)
Come back (mind gone)
Love is lived as a dream


Sea of moods

Under the warm breeze of the sun
The snow is slowly melting
As I’m sitting here alone
I hear the water flowing

But I never thought it was so long
I’m gonna let the water carry on
Still a long time rowing

The wind in the leaves sing me a song
To my heart so soothing
The sun sets on this heart of stone
Better not stop rowing


Take my meals and my clothes
Leave me out here naked
Alienated from you and our home
The sea of moods is changing


Do you miss me when I’m gone, when we’re far away?
Do you notice when it’s been so long, do you count the days?
As I watch time go by as we’re torn apart
Every day brings me closer to you, it’s like a new start
I dream of leaving this place that is strange to my mind
Go back to our home where it’s you that I find
All these people surrounding me, I feel so out of place
I find myself hoping that I’ll see your face
Between the smiles and frowns that I see everyday
As I try to make my way through my life, through my day
I remember the times when I said I would stay
But there’s things about life that I wish I could change
Just stick with me and I know we’ll pull through
We’ve been through worse times, all of this isn’t new

These walls built on a heart of stone
Crowded in by millions, I’m alone
I wonder if I’ll ever go back to the place
We called home


You are why my eyes see
You are why my lungs breathe
You are why, in my veins blood flows

Through the trees when blows the breeze
I hear them whispering your name
And my heart bleeds for you to set it free

How can a man not cry, when all he is seeing and living’s a lie?
Stuck inside, I can’t break through

Wipe this lipstick off my face
Wash this vomit that I taste
Demons hide behind your hazel eyes

Show is over, curtains close
Lights out take off all my clothes
I need love…I don’t need you

I want to kill you but your dead
Your soul and body rotting away
I touch you, but your still cold

And when I take off all your clothes
Leave you there to be exposed
You live to set me free

The Sun meets the Moon

The wind in my hair
Feels like your fingers when you’re not there
And I feel the breeze
Smells of the open seas
And an angel’s touch of my dreams

Time has ceased
To make a difference to me
As I sit and watch the night turn to daylight
As the sun meets the moon
And my eyes cry of wonder

And I try to understand
Why the sun never meets the moon

Softly spoken words on the open plains
As we walk towards the great city lights
When your eyes meet mine in the night
Our worlds are one at heart

The music I hear so familiar to my ears
And your hair and eyes come to brighten the sunrise
But the clouds will come rolling soon
And the sun is without the moon


Don’t you cry, destiny will make it right
What is meant to be will happen again you’ll see
All I see is you in my dreams
All I feel is you when I see

The sun met the moon
Was a dark and grayish gloom
So maybe it’s not right for you and I to fight
For a love that’s not what is seems
For now all we can do is dream