Who is mother nature?

Composed of Preston Phillips (vocals, guitar, percussion, piano & keyboards), Rocky Morin (lead guitar), Yo Phillips (drums) and Alex Morin (bass, backup vocals), started forming slowly after Preston and Rocky met in high school. Yo and Preston, being father and son, had been playing music together for many years, and so were Rocky and his cousin Alex. Preston first picked up the guitar at 9 years old, and learned a few basic chords from his dad. The strings had to be reversed on the Montana to make it a left-handed instrument. He soon became a local household name after playing in school talent shows and local Christmas telethons. Eventually, Preston would meet Rocky. He too had a lot of positive influence from his father. He had been playing in a band with his older sister and some friends. Here's Rocky on why he picked up the guitar: "Fade to Black is one of the main reasons why I wanted to learn how to play.” All those hours of practice paid off when, in 2005, Rocky officially became the best guitarist in Timmins, Ontario, after winning a guitar-playing skill contest.

Growing up together made it very easy for Rocky and Alex to instantly connect musically. Alex learned the bass after a 12 hour lesson at Rocky’s house. “I started at 1p.m and left at one in the morning,” says Alex. He toured the region with his high school band, and always continued jamming with his cousin. This is why the four musicians clicked so well, so fast. After Rocky and Preston met, in no time the four got together and jammed comfortably. After all, they are family.

The next step was of course, finding a name. The band had different names that none of them were satisfied with such as Press, Sons of Hades, or Osiris. So one day, Rocky who was going to smoke outside said that he was "going to visit Mother Nature". They were looking for a band name that described them and their style, and there it was. "Each of us can relate to that name and it describes our music very well" says Preston. "Like nature, our style is a mix of hard rock to metal songs, and acoustic ballads, like a peaceful morning that turns into a hurricane."

After recording some demos they realized that it was time to get serious. A move had to be made. So Preston started Sunfinger Entertainment, a record label owned and operated by the vocalist-guitarist. The band entered the Northern Studio owned by Yannick St-Amand and started the recording sessions in the summer of 2010. Mother Nature’s debut album Exile from the Shadows has now officially been released and can be purchased at their shows, on their website, on iTunes and in cd stores everywhere.